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Digital School for your company
Specialized in:
Website Recovery/ Mobile Marketing/ Data Science/ CMS + CRM +CX / Digital Transformation

A Digital School, where Innovation is accessible to everyone.

Digital Innovation, Data Science, Growth Marketing, and Agile Teams. Is that what your company needs?

We develop and integrate systems and people. We share our knowledge base with your employees, valuing the human and digital capital of your company

Website Recovery

We offer digital consulting services to help with the recovery, restoration, and optimization of websites built on outdated CMS platforms.

CMS + CRM + ERP Integration

Integration between platforms, and team training to use them efficiently.

Sales Training

Get to know our training programs to enhance the commercial success of your sales team and online channels.

Has your website been lost or compromised, with "no backup" available?

Lost your website? We can help you recover it today!

Players MULTIMEDIA School

Carrying your company to the next level through Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation in company

Advancements in Marketing Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cloud computing are examples of disruptive technologies that are changing the world. Players School can help you understand how these technologies impacts your company and how to integrate them with agile methodologies.

CRM 360º - Customer Centrality

Do you want to build an efficient CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and train your sales team? Which is the ideal platform that is compatible with the size, culture, and budget of your company? Improve your omnichannel integration and touchpoints by connecting your departments.

WhatsApp Customer Service Center, WhatsApp API, WhatsApp Marketing: Revolutionizing your Sales Department

The customer service via WhatsApp has ceased to be just another sales channel and, for many companies, it has become the most important commercial tool for customer relationship.

Players School has developed a training for your sales team that will completely change their perception and use of the WhatsApp application. We offer guidance to your management and IT team, helping them to organize, optimize, and automate an efficient WhatsApp Customer Service Center using the current API and tools.

*Players School Webinars and Training

"Players has amazing solutions for shopping mall retailers, serving various niches in the Fashion market"
Milly Barranco
(Head de MKT of Galeria Pagé, New Mall and Total Brás).
"We have all learned a lot in this process, and surely the mistakes and successes will be useful in future projects."
Daniel Machado
(Operation manager of Private Union of Hospital of São Paulo)
"Players has a lot of synergy with our influencer startup. They are always proposing well-structured and innovative trainings".