Bring agile management into your informational, communication and sales processes


What is the actual situation of the Technology, Marketing, and Sales departments in your company? How do they communicate and integrate between them?"


Which changes are necessaries in the company's ICT (Information and Communication Technology) systems and processes in order to achieve your goals and OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).

Test and Learning

Constant tests and iteration cycles in Digital Consulting environmental learning define new operations, tools and more assertive communication campaigns.

Digital consulting can help optimize your operational processes and manage the flow of information and data to help you achieve your OKRs

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has a positive impact on your business only if the technological resources are used in an integrated manner, with a common objective.
OKRs could include upgrading outdated systems, implementing new technologies to improve efficiency, improving data security measures, optimizing workflows and processes, and providing adequate training and support to employees. It is important to assess your organization's unique needs and goals to determine which changes are most urgent and crucial for achieving success.
By adopting agile management practices, organizations can achieve greater productivity, innovation, and customer value, and better meet their goals and objectives.

Digital skills and strategies essential to your Growth.

WhatsApp Marketing
Multimedia production
Paid Traffic
Lead Gereration - Inbound Mkt
"We have been mentored by Players for 3 years, and we decided to continue this digital consulting. Every year, digital improvement becomes decisive to face and win our competitive market."

Players has a team of qualified and transdisciplinary professionals to conduct training in various business segments and IT sectors of your company. Our focus is to provide our mentees with clarity about the Digital Transformation processes and digital strategies.

Get to know our Players and Mentors who can help you and your company in the Digital Transformation process.”



Digital Transformation Innovation

The Digital Transformation program of Players School includes key mentorship for portfolio project management in your company in the area of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). Our school offers a variety of services including digital strategy consulting, customer experience design - CRM, web development, data migration and analysis, and system integration. Players School has been developing its digital mentorship program with a variety and diversity of companies in the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, events, insurance, real estate, education, and startup sectors. Whenever possible, we like to offer open source software to our clients and "in-company training" to bring more value to the customer. By using open source tools, it is possible to significantly reduce software licensing costs, which can be quite high. In addition, the option for in-company training can also be more economical than hiring marketing agencies or SAS tool services, as it is possible to tailor the training to the specific needs of the company, optimizing the investment made. With this approach, the company can save valuable financial resources and invest in other areas that may bring more results to the business.

Diagnostic and Strategic Planning

What is your company's digital status? Where to go? What are the priorities and risks? What needs to change in the medium and long term? We analyse and help you find answers with Growth Marketing tools and strategies

Customer Journey

Get to know your Ideal Client deeply? Come with Players on this journey with a good dose of Design Thinking and Customer Experience."

MKT Automation and ChatBot

Mentorship focused on conversational marketing via chat (Direct, Messenger, WhatsApp, API, ChatGPT, Dialog Flow) and bulk automation and messaging.

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